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Definition From  Wikipedia.

Every action a visitor, fan, customer, client, or follower takes, every click, every movement of their mouse, even every movement of their eyes– tells a story.

Have you been listening to the stories your customers tell?

How closely does this information dictate the directions and goals your organization is setting for the upcoming month, quarter, or year?

By all means, when it comes to strategy online what your customer wants–whether your customer is a new patient, client, or  a fortune 500 business executive, all that matters is what they want.

Which is most likely

  • Not what you think they want
  • Not What You Want

Asset Digital Marketing has a broader view of conversion rate optimization that goes beyond your website to take into consideration the message your audience is sending about your brand across the largest and most important marketing channels online.

Your Web Presence

Conversion rate optimization is the process of  delivering more and more relevant messages, engaging content, and a richer user experience. It is done in a scientific manner in order to eliminate guesswork and opinions about what will work and what your customers truly want versus what we think they want.


We want to know what your visitors did so that we can decide how to improve– some questions we can ask and answer:

  • Where do customers visit my site most from?
  • What other sites are my customers like to visit?
  • Where do my visitors click when they land on each new page of my site?
  • What percentage of visitors is joining our mailing list/making a phone call/ making a purchase directly?
  • Which numbers and data points actually matter to help improve results?

Turning Metrics Into Action

This funnel visualization from Google Analytics represents a flow of traffic onto a website, into the sales funnel, and then out of the sales funnel.

The answers to  the above mentioned questions presented visually can help us understand where to find more of your customers, what pages on your site can be improved to promote greater engagement from your customers, and what websites we can find more of your customers from based on where they arrive from.


The benefits of conversion rate optimization doesn’t just apply to your webpages and it goes beyond the online marketing space.


Beyond Your Website

  • Email campaign conversions and engagement: bounce rates,  open rates, and click through rates based on headlines
  • Social Media Engagment–i.e mentions of your brand, and shares of your communications with their networks
  • Phone Calls–Length, and frequency of phone calls, origination of the call based on area code and keyword searched online
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns–Top ad performers based on click through rate, conversion of clicks to sales
  • Traditional Advertising– Circulation Rates and conversions of  audience to site visits or phone calls

Have you checked out these numbers recently? Do you know what to do with them? Do you understand their story and how it relates to the overall marketing effectiveness of your brand?

Actionable Information

When we take these different marketing channels and start to tell the  conversion story, we get the worlds most effective evaluation of where a business is.

We see incite into  where improvements can be made with the least amount of time and effort.

Moreover this information tells us which marketing messages your audience approves of, and who within your audience are your greatest evangelists.


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